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Our History

Our History

Established in 2016 by Nkrumah Razak, then final year student of University of Cape Coast , ZAK Touching Lives Foundation Ghana (ZFG) was calved out of a deep passion to see society developed and children, especially, disadvantaged youth and vulnerable, the future of humanity, and disadvantaged women coming out of obscurity to have a sense of self –worth. Our aim is to partner governments, corporations, development institutions, community groups and single individuals across the globe in providing a more viable practical, result oriented and sustainable services in promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood

Nkrumah started as a trained teacher and a radio broadcaster by profession who has the passion to help the youth to make a positive impact in society. Since its inception, ZAK Foundation has undertaken a number of projects in health and Education to address some needs of the people in Ghana. The commitment to the underlying principles establishing the organization led to a more institutional approach in perpetuating the concept of promoting the common interest of humanity by instituting a strong African humanitarian network in fulfilling this mandate.

Our prayer is that all humanity will come to understand the joy of living together with basic needs met. ZFG seeks the opportunity for all men; especially, youth, women and children; to level the playing fields and to create a better platform for their development. We share the belief that “global prosperity and peace will only be achieved once the entire world’s people are empowered to order their own lives and provide for themselves and their families”; our commitment is to make people more responsible to become active citizens and major performers in national development. ZFG had its first meeting on 7th of October, 2017 at the Obaa Plaza Hotel, Akyem Afosu Ghana with the first attendants being seven (7). It was incorporated under the Companies Code 1963(Act 179) as a Limited Company on 7th August, 2018.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission is to strengthen the social, emotional, and economic competencies of disadvantaged youth and vulnerable people in the society


The strategic objectives of the ZAK Foundation Ghana is guided with the vision of the organization, a society of full dignity, equity, unity and hope.

  • 1.   Promote sustainable agriculture and improved incomes towards food security
  • 2.   Minimize illiteracy to the plainest minimum and ensure the safety of children
  • 3.   Facilitate access to primary health care and minimize the increase and spread of teenage pregnancy and HIV respectively.
  • 2.   Promote human dignity and sustainable livelihoods

Our Vision

Our Vision

A trusted organization that will brings dignity, equity, unity and hope for all manner of persons


The strategic objectives of the ZAK Foundation Ghana is guided with the vision of the organization, a society of full dignity, equity, unity and hope.

  • 1.   Promote sustainable agriculture and improved incomes towards food security
  • 2.   Minimize illiteracy to the plainest minimum and ensure the safety of children
  • 3.   Facilitate access to primary health care and minimize the increase and spread of teenage pregnancy and HIV respectively.
  • 2.   Promote human dignity and sustainable livelihoods

Our Vision

Our Vision

We believe in empowering the future generations of our society to emerge from poverty through their own efforts by providing access to quality and relevant educational opportunities, coupled with the necessary educational resources to assist communities in producing and celebrating responsible and productive citizens.

Our Team

Our Team










Senior social Development Assistant (SSDA)

What We Do

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Eastern Region and Birim North District in particular has a vast stretch of land with lots of potential when tapped to the full (est.) will save the people from the acute poverty and its attendance challenges. In terms of climatic conditions, the area is more favorable for crop production and yet the people cannot produce enough to feed themselves throughout the year not to talk of selling to others. ZAK Foundation is therefore working to improve on food production and alternative income generating activities:

  • 1.   Processing, storage, Marketing and Nutrition
  • 2.   Microfinance
  • 3.   Advocacy for improve Agricultural Development
  • 4.   Crop and Livestock production


Women have been treated as people with no rights, whose place is in the” kitchen”, especially in Africa, Ghana, and the northern regions in particular. Opportunities are therefore not shared evenly among both sexes. This is demonstrated in areas such as the ownership of productive resources, school attendance, credit worthiness, etc. These facts could be attributed to low enrolment in school, early marriages, domestic violence, and socio- cultural beliefs and practices. We aspire to give women a say in the making of strategic decisions, giving them the opportunity to own productive resources and create the awareness of sending both the boy and girl child to school. We will improve women’s credit worthiness through the formation of small groups to access credit from financial institutions and others

  • 1.   Campaign for quality universal basic education
  • 2.   Needy students scholarship
  • 3.   Rights of the child Rights activities
  • 4.   Advocacy for child education and protection
  • 5.   Microfinance

For more info, contact: MR. CHRISTIAN OPOKU BOAHEN - cboahen@zakfoundationghana.com


Access to primary health care services in the area in which we operate is poor. This is due to such factors as unavailability of such facilities, poverty and ignorance. The people are also vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection due to the activities of mining within the area. ZAK Foundation, therefore will work to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS, improving on their access to primary health care services as well as reducing maternal and infant mortality in the area.

  • 1.   Community water, sanitation and health insurance campaigns
  • 2.   Anti-HIV/AIDS Campaign
  • 3.   School Reproductive health clubs
  • 4.   Advocacy for improved general health and HIV/AIDS education

For more info, contact: PASTOR COLLINS MAWUKO DUGBAZAH - cdugbazah@zakfoundationghana.com


ZAK Foundation Ghana focuses on building the necessary skills and competencies for young people to be self-sufficient, facilitating their transition to adulthood.The objective is to enhance youth literacy, employability, civic engagement, creativity and wellbeing. We work with other youth organizations, trainers, researchers and youth workers to improve learning and financial opportunities for young women and men in a variety of areas directly related to their development, such as life skills, technical and vocational training, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, civic participation and leadership, among others. Throughout this work, ZAK Foundation Ghana promotes equal access to quality education, training and capacity building for young women and men.

Our Partners

Your company can raise its profile and make a difference for disadvantaged youth and vulnerable in need in Ghana and beyond ZFG partners work with us to develop and implement sustainable development and aid programmes aimed at promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood by reducing the poverty of the most vulnerable groups in Ghana and beyond. With their support, ZFG is able to provide long term sustainable tools and resources needed to increase the social and economic functioning of aching people around our world.

Join Us


We would love to have you join us as a Volunteer or Intern so that we can work together to improve the socio-economic lives of people with less privilege and disabilities in Ghana The benefits of volunteering or working as an intern with us include but are not limited to the following:

  •   Giving something back to the community
  •   Making a difference in the life of a less privilege
  •   sharing your skills, talents and time
  •   Gaining experience
  •   Gaining more knowledge and insight about the history and culture of Ghana
  •   including our hospitality and tourist attractions, and
  •   Making new friends
  •   ZAK Foundation Ghana will support interested non-Ghanaian volunteers and interns with official invitation letter to facilitate their visa application process.


Partnerships and collaborative efforts provide strong foundation for ZFG assistance and development programmes in Ghana. Corporations and individuals have a critical role to play in helping ZFG develop cost effective programmes to promote disadvantaged youth, protect vulnerable people and lift millions of them out of extreme poverty. ZFG Corporate Development Programme works closely with corporations both at the national and international levels and small- to medium-scaled businesses to distinguish, plan and implement collaborations that pull the strengths of the corporate sector on behalf of Africa’s most vulnerable groups, especially, youth and women. As an appreciated non-governmental organization with strong local presence, ZFG brings credibility to your company’s brand image and make it stand out amongst your competitors. It also raises awareness of the company’s values to both your customers and your staff, both local and international. Opportunities include efforts driven by long-term, integrated and multi-faceted partnerships which include the following;

  •   Cash & in-kind contributions directed at key Intervention areas.
  •   Long term strategic partnerships
  •   Emergency appeals for humanitarian release & support
  •   Events & sponsorship
  •   Innovations & Programme solutions that benefit communities and youth
  •   Workplace giving programme
  •   Policy & advocacy for the development of youth and communities in need; this includes raising awareness for entrepreneurship campaign such as Youth in Agriculture
          and united against child poverty campaign.
  •   Training & capacity building
  •   Skills transfer and employee engagement
  •   Global, national and local fundraising, and communications

We appeal to all around the globe to help us build a solid foundation for a better future. Investing in youth empowerment, rural and community development; child education, healthcare and protection, emergency relief and livelihoods brings many positive returns;

  •   A solid foundation for tomorrow’s peace
  •   More reliable stability and security
  •   Greater social justice
  •   Better prospects for shared prosperity
  •   A deep sense of responsibility for corporate living
  •   More excellent approach to solving societal difficulties

By working together, companies help support ZFG programmes, emergency relief efforts and help advance issues vital to vulnerable in Africa.
Call us today on +233 (0)245019614
OR Send us an email on corporatepartnership@zakfoundationghana.com

Organizations, institutions, companies and individuals who would want to discuss other form of partnership or support could please contact; sign up here now.

Nelson Nkrumah

Programmes and Mobilization Officer

+233 (0) 245019614


Or send us your message here


We want to save as many lives as possible but we can’t do it without your help. With your partnership we can a make better future of disadvantaged youth, save vulnerable people and take action locally, create impact globally and reduce poverty.


ZFG works alongside people and institutions in communities to help build relationships with key people and organizations and to identify common concerns. This creates opportunities for the community to learn new skills and, by enabling people to act together. We seek to empower individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with the skills they need to affect change in their own communities.


ZFG works alongside people and institutions in communities to help build relationships with key people and organizations and to identify common concerns. This creates opportunities for the community to learn new skills and, by enabling people to act together. We seek to empower individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with the skills they need to affect change in their own communities.


We promote a sense of ownership to ensure sustainability. In the end, when our work is done in a community, we want them to feel they built it themselves and make it theirs.


We are very positive about the prospects of a long standing relationship between us in working together to achieve the expected success to society.

ZFG encourages further deliberations to reach a common platform that promotes the best interest of your company whiles helping us to fulfill our core mandate of promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood in Ghana and beyond.

To start a corporate partnership with ZFG please contact;

Email: corporatepartnerships@zakfoundationghana.com
or click here....


ZAK Foundation Ghana can not continue its work without the generous support from other well-wishers like you. So, we created “Friends of ZAK Foundation Ghana” as a Social Media Platform to connect interested people around the world to share their expertise, time and financial resources with us, so that together we can improve the socio-economic lives of marginalized and less privilege in the society. The platform also offers the opportunity to Friends of ZAK Foundation Ghana members to:

  • 1.   Get the latest progress news including YouTube videos on our work
  • 2.   Post their own emerging poverty issues for comments by others, and
  • 3.   Comment on issues posted by others

To become a member of Friends of ZAK Foundation Ghana Social Media Platform is very simple! Just click here to register now. Then, follow the simple instructions to:

  • 1.   Inform others on the social network about why you decided to join the Friends of ZAK Foundation Ghana Platform,
  • 2.   Share what you would like to offer in terms of expertise, time or money in supporting ZAK Foundation Ghana work, and
  • 3.   Invite friends and others to join the Friends of ZAK Foundation Ghana Social Media Platform.

We value all the support we receive – in whatever form. In return of your expertise, time or money, we shall continue to provide you with progress news from our work and how your investment is making a real impact in the lives of beneficiary less privilege in Ghana


ZFG - Support and Donations

You can Support locally, fight poverty, create impact globally, and please donate to ZFG

It’s astonishing how the little we have can rebuild the ruins of our society. Much can be achieved with just a small amount of money from people like you and a little help from ZFG. Your help will make a real difference to vulnerable lives around the world and help eradicate poverty. Your donation can help a rural vulnerable children and individuals to go to school, provide textbooks for children in resource- rural communities, clean water, and build the healthcare system or life-changing opportunities like small-business training.

Donate to us

You can give a donation today, just click on the link below to help us make change happen.

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up………"

Sponsorship Type

  •   GHc 300 can register 20 vulnerable people for the National Health Insurance Programme to access healthcare all year round.
  •   GHc 50 can serve the entire health needs of an entire household of seven in deprived communities in Ghana for a month.
  •   GHc 350 can gives 5 people permanent work in deprived communities in Ghana
  •  GHC 250 can buy birthing kits to help mothers in deprived communities in Ghana.
  •   GHc 250 can buy a face mask to help 15 vulnerable individuals in deprived communities in Ghana
  •   Ghc 150 can buy a hand sanitizer to help an entire household of ten in deprived communities in Ghana for a month.

You could also donate goods to help free up income to be spent in reaching many more vulnerable individuals in need.
Call today + 233 (0)500388819 or
send us an email at publichealth@zakfoundationghana.com

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News and Events

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Aug 5, 2019 - Akyem Afosu (E/R), Aug. 5, GNA - The ZAK Touching Lives Foundation, a non- governmental organization, has embarked on a clean- up

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Afosu R/C School wins ZAK Foundation's inter- school quiz

Jun 24, 2019 - 2019-06-24 - The Afosu Roman Catholic School won the second edition of the ZAK Touching Lives Foundation's annual inter-schools Quiz

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Zak Foundation Ghana outlines measures To promote ...

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NGO to send teenage mothers to school - GhanaWeb

ZAK Foundation, a non-governmental organization has organised a seminar on parenting for parents at Adausena in the Birim

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